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"too many bad user reviews exist for this software. "

Here are a few of the many stories on the internet of bad experiences with MacKeeper:

My problem with the software was:

- Couldn't/Wouldn't clean what it seemed to deem a problem

- Some programs got noticeably slower upon running the cleaning

- The program doesn't uninstall cleanly if you decide not to use it.

I tried MacKeeper and it never worked. I even complained to the MacKeeper people, and no resolution could be found. It detects issues that need to be cleaned, doesn't do anything. Tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, didn't do a thing. Still refused to clean what it detected were errors in the cache folder or registry keys or anything else it said was a problem.

My issues were that 1) it slows down my Macbook Pro when installed and 2) after i uninstall it, i find traces of the software all over the computer still.

My comments and I'm sure a lot of others people comments against MacKeeper have nothing to do with me just "hating-on security software" for Mac's, or trolling the internet because I have nothing better to do than make bad comments on websites. This has to do with the fact that every computer that I've seen with MacKeeper installed doesn't act the way it did without MacKeeper. I've seen customers entire iPhoto library erased by MacKeeper, because it treated it as an unused file. There are days where I see 5 computers back to back, all with MacKeeper installed, with the customer complaining it's not acting right; it's slow for the most part, the trackpad isn't as responsive, beach balls, etc. Once I toss MacKeeper in the trash, all is well and back to normal and sometimes it's not as easy as just tossing it in the trash. To make a long story short; I have seen, first hand, multiple times with customers Macs and even on my own Mac where MacKeepers isn't good news when installed. If you need a program to clean your Mac there are plenty of them on the Mac App Store that will do the job for much cheaper or even free. You can always trust the USER reviews on the Mac App Store.

I have a lot of experience with MacKeeper. I work at an Apple reseller and we get at least four people EACH and EVERY day with performance issues DIRECTLY related to this software. Period. Do not take Cult of Macs word on it, because the company's hands are in their pocket.

Remember, nobody is PAYING all of the people who agree that this software is horrible, and potentially dangerous... What bothers me, is all of the older people that I see come in to our store, complaining that there computer has gotten horribly slow, many times due to this software. Every single time we remove it, system performance increase significantly and the customer is happy.

You really can't figure out why people hate MacKeeper? Here's a hint: When I dragged the app to the trash, it popped up a box asking me to buy it, and telling me I could get it "free" through Trialpay. This was not an internet ad; it was an ad ON MY LOCAL MACHINE, spawned by the program AFTER I PUT IT IN THE TRASH. It was also impossible to close or remove, short of using Activity Monitor to find the task that spawned it and killing it.

There's "advertising" and then there's "if you try to delete our program, we will seize control of your machine for a final sales pitch."

I'm glad I only installed it in a quarantine account. In fact, it's actually quite difficult to do; when you try to download MacKeeper, the link they give you is just an installer shell which asks for root privileges and, if you grant them, proceeds to download the actual MacKeeper app from elsewhere. Trying to install MacKeeper without giving it root privileges (which would be a bad idea, given that it leaves actual executable code running on your machine even after you delete the app itself) requires figuring out where the installer downloads the app and getting it directly from there.

I installed this shit, and my Mac has never run slower, and now it freezes up. I HATE it, and will be uninstalling it ASAP. I don't need this kind of frustration or high blood pressure. And I PAID for this????? Dammit!

I recently sent MacKeeper this email as I am so annoyed with continually being bombarded with MacKeeper Popups and pop up webpages, after downloading and installing MacKeeper.

I bought and installed Mackeeper on all my Macs but have since deleted it because (a) it slowed my computers, (b) because of the amount of pop up ads i was being hit with even though I already owned MacKeeper, and (c) because of pop up webpages continually coming up. I have done everything since to obliterate MacKeeper from my systems, but continue to get unwanted popups.

This I find is no different to getting unwanted junk mail through a letter box, first putting up a sign stating no junk mail, then by blocking the mail hole and yet then finding the junk mail on the door step. There are laws that allow a person to take legal action against companies for disregarding a persons wishes and still delivering junk mail.

As I stated previously, the continual bombardment of popup ads are no different to junk mail advertising, and am now informing MacKeeper in no uncertain terms that I do not want your advertisements invading my privacy and my computer, my computer is not a television where I get the service from a company that makes it's revenue by selling ads, it is my personal work tool and entertainment centre.

If MacKeeper has embedded a program into my computer system that allows it to target my computer and I continue to get Popup ads from MacKeeper, then I will take legal action, or turn to the web to gain support against MacKeeper and it's developers.

All I can say with the limited time that I have is that MacKeeper IS bad. I have NOTHING to gain by saying this, other than maybe the peace of mind of hoping that I save just one person from the fate of a drastically slowed down computer along with so many hidden files that did not want to be found and a few other problems. I mean this thing seriously caused me to go out & buy a new computer!! Which is no easy feat for me.

There is not a single solitary good thing that I can say about this piece of malware. None. Its the worst. I don’t understand why so many people actually take up for it - is it something like pity? They feel bad that so many users are bashing it & want to take up for an underdog or something?? I don’t get it.

If I installed something onto your computer that pretty much infiltrated all of your files without your permission, slowed the processing speed down to almost immeasurably small & then was amazingly difficult to be rid of I think you'd have a hard time defending it.

I purchased MacKeeper to find and delete duplicate files mainly. It was slow and clumsy at this task. Then I looked at my CPU monitor and could see massive drainage from MacKeeper. I then felt very foolish for wasting my money when I could have invested in quality software. Then I tried to uninstall the beast. As noted by other commenters, this was no easy task. I was never happy again until I reformatted my drive to remove all traces of the insidious software. I agree they deserve their loathsome reputation for their SpamKing advertising and the crap bloatware software. I wouldn't be surprised by their behavior if MacKeeper was a tool for making an army of zombie-bots by ZeoBit or the culprits behind it. I don't use any virus software. I keep up-to-date with security alerts and self scan using freeware scripts for known viruses.

  • I felt good about buying it
  • missing: truly functional software
  • improve it by throwing it in the trash

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24 Sep 2015

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